Over 100 Years of Heritage

A.J. North (Pty) Ltd was established in 1902 as a general import/export business. It was officially incorporated under the Companies Act on 13 January 1922. The company developed into a classic agency business, successfully representing international brands such as Eno Fruit Salts, Ponds, Cutex, Coty, Scotts Emulsion, Wisdom Toothbrushes, Royal Baking Powder and Carnation Milk.

In 1952, a factory was built in East London, to begin the local manufacturing of the Ponds and Cutex range of products as well as Wisdom Toothbrushes.

In March 1957, Cheesebrough bought out Ponds and shortly thereafter Cutex. A.J. North purchased a small brand, Glyco-Lemon, which the company would grow successfully over the following years.

In 1966, A.J. North created Happy Event to meet market demand. The product dominated the market from its inception. Its growth came from mothers passing it on through word-of-mouth, from generation to generation. It became the brand people trusted. Although initially sold only through pharmacies, demand made it necessary for chain stores to also begin stocking the line.

World Class Expertise

Today, Happy Event is not only sold to mothers-to-be in order to prevent stretch marks, it is also purchased by those who have discovered that it is one of the best general moisturisers available. The natural ingredients in the formula and the high concentration of natural olive oil in particular, deeply moisturise the skin and provide wonderful elasticity.

A.J. North manufactures a range of Glyco-Lemon Shampoos & Conditioners, Soft ‘n Smooth depilatory creams, Zins scourers and Soaky sponges, Fresh Breath freshners as well as Happy Event. They are also a major manufacturer of Apion and Clini nailbrushes, denture brushes and Hygiene toothbrushes, Wisdom toothbrushes and a number of contract toothbrushes to world class standards.

Great Brands. Real Value.

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