803, 2018

Catherine Matthews – Boots in the Big City

Tell our readers all about yourself? I am a wife, mother to my gorgeous 4-month-old baby boy and Chocolate Lab, Wellington, certified chocoholic and shopaholic, born and bred in Cape Town. I have a love for writing and all things pretty and it was this passion that led me to establish my blog, Boots in the Big City. I love to travel – the experiences we have and memories we make are more valuable then anything money can buy! I [...]

503, 2018

What to expect in the 1st trimester

Congratulations!!! We guess if you reading this you probably found out your pregnant or know of some that has just announced their pregnancy. Everyone has their own special journey and can experience some or none of the below during this Happy Event. How long does the 1st trimester last? Your first trimester lasts from the first week till the end of week thirteen your of happy event If you not sure what week you are in at the moment of [...]

2302, 2018

Heather Step – One Step at a Time

Hi! I’m Heather, I’m a teacher and spend my mornings running around after two year olds at a lovely country school in the heart of Sandton, my afternoons building things with my five year old son and my evenings blogging! My son is the result of five hard years of infertility, so he’s an extra special wanted little one.

902, 2018

Olives Natures Gift To Us

It is no secret that Olive Oil is filled with an enormous amount of benefits for the human body, although we know few individual cannot stand the taste of it. The advantages range from decreasing risk factors of illness to being a substitute for unhealthy fats and oil as well as a good moisturiser. Not only is extra virgin olive oil excellent for your health and but it could also taste delicious on salads and other foods. Benefits of Olives: [...]

202, 2018

Happy Event Natures Secret

You might go through a number of changes while you are experiencing your Happy Event, but your skin does not have too. About : Happy Event is a specially developed formulation that combines all the natural benefits of Olive Oil with other emollient to create a unique blend of ingredients. This unique formulation and fact that Happy Event is the only product based on natural olive oil and has helped many pregnant women for over 50 years! Happy Event is [...]

1708, 2016

Why everybody should consider taking longer baths

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