Tracey Porter – The Milk Memoirs

Tell our readers all about yourself? Hey there lovelies! My name is Tracey, and I’m an animal loving, full time IT professional working mom to my three little beasties Morgan-Lee (6yrs old), Parker-Grace (4 years old) and Yuriko-Mae ( 6 months old). (and God-willingy more to come). I love food, and have a serious penchant for cookies. Especially Oreos. When I’m not clocking in the hours at the office, I can be found staring at my baby like a love-sick puppy, or elbow deep in glitter and glue crafting with my girls, or running and rolling in the grass with them. Or at the very least WISHING I had more energy to do so! Lord knows energy is a rare commodity in this parenting game, and thus spend so much of my brain power reminding myself, that its great to juggle all the balls, but [...]