Congratulations on your pregnancy! Happy Event’s rich heritage of over 50 years has consistently helped keep mothers’ skin beautifully soft and hydrated and has helped prevent stretch marks for generations.


A distinctive formulation that is the only product in its class which is based on natural olive oil. This unique blend of ingredients has helped many generations of pregnant women escape the problems of developing stretch marks.

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Only the very best of natures ingredients make up a product full of natural goodness.

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A world class quality stretch mark cream that has been tried and test by moms for over 50 years.

Official Dragon Mommy

Tell our readers all about yourself I am a working Muslim mommy of 2 boys, who is a major geek with a penchant for gaming, baking, health foods and obviously….. Harry Potter. What is the main mission of your blog and what content can they expect to find there?...

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Angela Rea

Tell our readers all about yourself? Hi! My name is Angie. I am a widowed mama to three-year-old Elijah. I lost my soul mate, husband, best friend three years ago in a helicopter accident. I am a blogger and a photographer who loves going on adventures with her little...

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Raising Hudson

Tell our readers all about yourself? I am married to my soul mate Daniel and together we have the most beautiful blessing bestowed onto us, our son, Hudson. I grew up and live in Cape Town. I am a lecturer at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and lecture in the...

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