Tell our readers all about yourself?

I’m a 30-something mom of three that consists of twin five year olds girls and a four month old baby boy, my pigeon pair plus one is complete. By day I work in Human Resources for a Private Game Reserve but in my spare time, I often blog over at Crazy Mom Journal and my life is as the name of my blog suggest is rather cray cray at times, so I like to share my experiences and life’s lessons on this platform.

What is the main mission of your blog and what content can they expect to find there?

I also write about beauty, lifestyle, health and fitness, but my main focus is mommy stuff, what I went through with my pregnancies, and then recovery, how I plan, execute and manage life with three kids and of course my struggles with motherhood and womanhood. So there is a little bit for everyone.

What is your greatest passion?

My greatest passion is to be successful. My business is called Splendid Ink and it’s still currently in its infancy stage but I’ve got big plans for it. I don’t want to work for a company anymore. I feel like I am missing a lot of my children’s milestones by working a 9-5 job. However, I’m moving to change that, to be present in my children’s lives and to be successful.

What or who inspires you to live your best life?

Other women inspire me. Women who are successful by working hard and having a can do attitude. This blog has a lot to do with trying to be an inspiration to other women too, especially young moms and would be moms. Women inspire me and in turn I want to inspire them.

Where can we find you in your spare time?

At home, with my kids, watching beauty YouTube videos and eating popcorn with my family. I wish I could tell you that my life is glamourous but far from it. I’m just a chilled out mom with some kids and I love it that way.

How do you get balance in your life?

This is a tough one because it’s so easy to go off course, however I find me time whenever I can, more often than not. Making sure that my mind, body and soul is nourished by things that I want to do to make me feel relaxed and stress free like taking an uninterrupted shower, reading a chapter of a book, going to lunch with my girlfriends or just listening to music. This brings me peace and enforces balance in my life.

What “rules” do you live by?

  • Family above everything else
  • Me time is a MUST
  • Routine must be enforced everyday (for your sanity)
  • Spend time with Mr. he was your man first before babies
  • Get active
  • Call your friend, she probably misses you

What three things could you not live without?

  • Lip moisturizer – lip balm or gloss
  • My phone (although this might be a lie, I was recently without a phone for two months and it was marvelous)
  • Sugar (although Mr. says that if I want to lose that extra kilos then I need to stop having everything with sugar in it, so goodbye chocolate and sugar in my tea, needless to say, I still have those kilos)

TOP 3 recommendations for the mommies reading this post?

  • Trust your gut – you know your children better than anyone else, otherwise google is your friend
  • Co-sleeping is not that bad
  • Neither is formula feeding (don’t kill me)

What’s the best way for our readers to connect with you?

Sure my social media platforms as follows: