Tell our readers all about yourself?

Hey there lovelies! My name is Tracey, and I’m an animal loving, full time IT professional working mom to my three little beasties Morgan-Lee (6yrs old), Parker-Grace (4 years old) and Yuriko-Mae ( 6 months old). (and God-willingy more to come). I love food, and have a serious penchant for cookies. Especially Oreos. When I’m not clocking in the hours at the office, I can be found staring at my baby like a love-sick puppy, or elbow deep in glitter and glue crafting with my girls, or running and rolling in the grass with them. Or at the very least WISHING I had more energy to do so! Lord knows energy is a rare commodity in this parenting game, and thus spend so much of my brain power reminding myself, that its great to juggle all the balls, but also very ok if you drop them too.

Also, I’m currently on a kick to reclaim a bit of myself that sadly got shelved the moment I became a mother. For me, personally, that is exercise and movement. It was such a huge part of my life that fed my soul so deeply and richly that it was only once I felt depleted that I realised how much it was a part of me; Realised how important it actually is to my well-being – both physically and mentally. In fact, my hubby and I are in this together, for as team mates in this parenting gig, we do our best to cradle and cheer each other towards balance and growth.

I am also a qualified HypnoBIrthing Child Birth Educator (HBCBE), and have my own HypnoBirthing Business that is run under the umbrella of Kim Young’s Beautifully Born. So sometimes spend my weekends teaching moms and dads HypnoBirthing techniques towards a more comfortable and manageable birth. And most importantly, to empower them to relax and look forward to their baby’s birth with confidence and joy.

What is the main mission of your blog and what content can they expect to find there?

Also, when I should really actually be sleeping, I blog over at The Milk Memoirs, which is very much about the realness of motherhood and parenting in all it’s funny, amazing and sometimes dark and rough glory. Everything from birth, to breastfeeding, travel (loca and international) to crafts, party ideas, and the rawness of motherhood in this incredible journey we are all on.

Whilst I don’t share every inch of my life on there, I do candidly share my motherhood life experiences in hopes of helping to shed light on so many topics that are often paved with uncertainty and fear; I have had my fair share of spending time in the deep dark trenches that often come with motherhood, and have researched and found my way out of them, all while uncovering so many untapped resources that are available to mothers out there. So I share all that I’ve learnt and experienced, in the small chance that it may inspire hope in others who oftentimes feel disempowered in these new situations that unfold with motherhood. I share to let others know that they are not alone, I share to help dispel terrible and unhelpful myths that often cloud topics such as birth and breastfeeding. I share so freely to help empower women out there towards making more informed decisions about their own bodies that are right for them, personally, and not based in fear.

I am also passionate about crafts and kiddies parties, and honestly take such joy in planning them. But, as a working mom, hot in the pursuit of life balance, Im also realistically very short on time. So I like to think of (and am inspired by) easy to do tricks and hacks. I share a lot of that on my blog in hopes of inspiring other moms in a far more relaxed, unpressured and “look it can be fun” kind of way.

And lastly, I also blog to chronicle some of our life with our littles, so that one day, if they are ever wondering, our children can look back and see what life was like when they were so very small.

What is your greatest passion?

I have many passions in this life; motherhood, making stuff, writing, the outdoor life and movement. But right now, my greatest passion is for empowering women to make more informed choices about birth, breastfeeding and their own bodies that are not fear-based, and are free of judgement.

What or who inspires you to live your best life?

I have lots of people in my life from who I draw great inspiration from. First my mother – her incredible grace just in life, and even more so under fire is enough to strike anyone. Her strength of character and sense of humour have always been admirable to me, and just the way she has handled and continues to handle motherhood, remains awe inspiring to me.

She is unwavering and all-in, all the time.

Same goes for my sister. The way she has gracefully managed raising her family overseas away from her home-base is always so amazing to me. As well as her defiant and wonderful start up to her own career in her late forties, only once both her kids were off to college. As in after years and years of putting her studies and master qualification on hold to pour herself completely into mothering, and then two decades later pick up the mantle again. That was no small feat, but she did it, and continues to grow herself without ever neglecting her children. I draw great inspiration from her as you can imagine.

Then there’s my hubby, who floors me day after day with his own parenting skills, his patience and ability to connect with our girls. He’s a devout father who brings something special to this parenting gig we’re both in. Its wonderful to watch him father our girls, and also to see what a committed and hardworking career man he is. We work in the same industry, and I take great inspiration from him in so many facets, but especially for the fact that he brings his side of the party to table every single day.

And of course our kids give me great inspiration….My middle child is just about the bravest person I know in this life, and she has been through some rough and scary hospital experiences in her short 4 year old life. Yet she did them with a smile on her face and constant sunny disposition. In fact, she coined the phrase for our family, “let’s go be brave!”.

My eldest, with her happy go lucky take on life, reminds me to keep my silver lining goggles firmly in place. And as for my littlest baby? There’s nothing quite like an itty bitty baby to keep you living in the now. Being present is one of the greatest skills I continue strive for each day, and this little girl takes me right there every time.

Where can we find you in your spare time?

Spare time? What’s that?! 😉 I actually don’t have any ( said every mother ever), but I do my best to carve that time out in the day, or at least some time in the week. But, if we’re not counting dance-off’s with girlies in our lounge, or trying to co-ordinate a date night with hubby, then for the most part, my spare time has been spent writing. However, this year, I’m hoping to add gym and road running back onto the agenda. Also, just signed up for yoga, so yay for new skills.

How do you get balance in your life?

I’m not so sure that there is such a thing as true “balance” in this work-parent life, but I do believe there’s a lot of compromise we have to work through. And that compromise will look different for each of us. But I believe that as long as I feel in control of these choices, and have sensibility in the way that I make those compromises, I’m in a better space mentally to deal with everything a bit better.

So for me, trying to carve out time in the day that’s just for me is essential. Meaning me-time that has zero due dates and pressure attached to it. This could be exercise, getting a massage, or even just doing a quick 15 minute meditation. In fact, I absolutely recommend meditation everyday anyway. Just a few minutes of completely cutting off all thought. So no to-do lists, no anxieties, nothing. Just a mental timeout to regroup and start off on the right foot, and set my head in a good space.

Because as a wife, mother of three, IT professional and HypnoBirthing business owner, the juggle is real! At times it feels like there are a bajillion balls in the air at any given time, and sometimes they’re all crazily scattered all across the floor. So for me, what’s also key to remember is that it’s totally ok when that happens. And that sometimes focussing on just that one ball is enough. Like, sure you totally forgot about the school social that one night, but right now you’re rocking homework and class valentines gifts like a boss. Those little victories count just as much as the big ones. And as moms, we need to do more of that – celebrate all our victories, big & small.

What “rules” do you live by?

I don’t have too many rules in my life, but these hold me in good stead, and help me make certain decisions whenever I feel my certainty starts to quiver:

  • If it’s a choice between your career and motherhood, I choose motherhood everytime. Every damn time. For I can balls up my career as many times as possible, and I will still be able to find a way to re-start it again. Motherhood? Not so much. You only get one go at it. You don’t get to relive their toddler years, or come back and be more present in their pre-teen years
  • If something’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing right.
  • Another, that my mom drilled into me was, “Carpe Diem”.
  • And I had another which is super important to me. But porridge brain is real. 😉

What three things could you not live without?

Oh my hat…coffee. Coffee is life, so that’s topping the pops right now for me on things I cant live without.

Then there’s my concealer. I generally don’t wear makeup, but I love my concealer for it covers up just how close to death I actually look. It camouflages my deep, deep need for some decent sleep around my eyes. Although I almost never wear it to work, so my poor colleagues get to see the real me. Everyday. Shame.

Then, lastly and sadly, my phone – I’m not sure if it’s a “can’t live without” or if it’s more “don’t want to live without”. It’s my connection to the world, my blog, my readers and all my fellow bloggers. It’s my camera and thus my ability to take those quick snaps of my growing family.

TOP 2 recommendations for the mommies reading this post?

Got breastfeeding issues? Or maybe just new to breastfeeding in general, I recommend Jean Ridler of the The Lactation Consultancy (082 668 1082) She does home visits, is super patient, extremely knowledgeable on her subject matter and is basically the bomb diggity.

Preggo and your back feels all out of whack? Sore hips, aching back or just walking around like Quasimodo in general while you grow that little bun in the oven? Well, ladies you do not have to suffer through it all, give Dr JJ Farrel a call. A really great chiropractor well versed with pregnant mammas.

What’s the best way for our readers to connect with you?

You can find me over at The Milk Memoirs ( where I blog – pop on over and let’s hang! Im also on Instagram where I share a few more snippets of life. (

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