Skincare during pregnancy

There is no denying it! Pregnancy changes a woman’s life forever – bringing both countless joys and perhaps some unexpected challenges.


From swollen feet to the craziest cravings, the first movement and every single scan, it is a memorable and life altering nine months! All the more reason for moms to be to take extra special care of themselves as they transition into the beautiful and exciting world of motherhood.

Look for products that will help ease the stress of a changing body – taking care of your physical body as your head and your heart begins to prepare for the arrival of a new little person.


The good news is that some products have stood the test of time, helping a mom not only during pregnancy but also able to transition with her as she enters the world of motherhood. Ask any mom or granny … a happy mother equals a happy baby. 


Shower yourself with Natural Goodness …


With over 50 years of rich heritage, Happy Event has consistently helped keep pregnant skins beautifully soft and hydrated, helping to prevent stretch marks for generations. It is the only product in its class based on natural olive oil and coupled with the very best of nature’s ingredients to create a product full of natural goodness.


Choose from our range of Happy Event products – and shower your skin in the natural goodness it deserves!