You might go through a number of changes while you are experiencing your Happy Event, but your skin does not have too.

About :

Happy Event is a specially developed formulation that combines all the natural benefits of Olive Oil with other emollient to create a unique blend of ingredients. This unique formulation and fact that Happy Event is the only product based on natural olive oil and has helped many pregnant women for over 50 years!

Happy Event is high in Vitamin A & E; these two vitamins have excellent antioxidant and skin moisturizing properties. Our products are pH balanced, paraben free and assists in supporting the natural acid mantle of the skin and ensuring that the skin can renew itself. The acid mantle is the key to real skin health and beauty. It is one place where oil and water have to mix. The acid mantle can help the skin use essential fatty acids which provide support to the skin by retaining water thus keeping the skin firm and elastic.

Size & Variant:

You can find Happy Event in the following sizes, a 125 ml cream, a 200 ml Lotion and a 200 ml fragrance free lotion. We introduced a fragrance free variant last year as we know different moms have different needs. Besides this variant being fragrance free it’s is also colourant free which means we have really taken your skin and your sensitivity to fragrances into account.

Where can you purchase Happy Event:

You can find Happy Event sold in any Clicks, Dis-Chem, Checkers, Pick n Pay selected Spar’s, Shoprite’s, Game’s and Pharmacies.

Happy Event Natures Secret.

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