Vitamins are essential nutrients – helping our bodies to perform and function to the best of their ability. Increasingly, vitamins are playing a growing role in effective skincare as well. From assistance with skin conditions through to protection from the elements – the benefit of vitamins in one’s skincare routine are countless.

Known to be important for one’s heart, eyes, brain and immune system – Vitamin E is also one of the greatest gifts we can give our skin! A natural moisturiser, Vitamin E protects the skin from loss of moisture and boosts circulation that, in turn, aids in helping to prevent cell damage while promoting skin renewal.

Clinical trials have found that olive oil contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-aging properties due to it being packed with both antioxidants and many vitamins – including that of Vitamin E! It helps the skin hydrate by building the skin’s moisture barrier to prevent the loss of moisture. 

This powerful natural ingredient has protective and regenerative properties – helping to regenerate skin and regulate its natural moisturising system, thereby ensuring that your skin retains its natural elastic properties. 

Happy Event is a unique formula that offers all the natural benefits of pure olive oil. It has been trusted by generations of pregnant women to help prevent stretchmarks and to keep their skin supple and deeply moisturised. 

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Other natural sources of Vitamin E include plant-based oils, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Some examples – peanuts and peanut butter, various oils (wheat germ, sunflower, soybean), almonds, beet greens, collard greens, spinach and pumpkin, amongst others.