Congratulations you made it through your 1st trimester, and now you are trying to figure out what the second trimester has in store for you and your Happy Event growing inside of you.

How long is your second trimester?

Your second trimester is roughly around week 13 to week 28. This is when you are in your 4, 5 and 6 month of your pregnancy. To check what week you in have a look at Happy Events due date calculator

Now that you are probably feeling and looking more pregnant, during this stage of your pregnancy, you may also have more energy (Yes more energy hooray) than you did in the first trimester. This may come as significant joy if you have been struggling with sickness, tiredness or anxiety about getting through the first trimester

What can you do to help prepare for birth:

Although there are still a couple of weeks left in your pregnancy journey, you may want to start to plan for your delivery to help make the third trimester less stressful. Here are a few ideas you can do now to prepare for birth:

  • Take prenatal education classes that you are comfortable attending.
  • Consider classes on breastfeeding, infant CPR, first aid, and parenting.
  • Educate yourself with trusted research.
  • Ask your hospital for a tour, where you will be giving birth.
  • Start nesting, start creating a space for your little one.
  • Think about whether or not you would like to take medication for the pain during delivery.


Heartburn is a burning sensation that often ranges from the lower part of the breastbone to the lower throat. Many women experience heartburn during the second trimester of their pregnancy, and although it’s common and harmless, it can be quite uncomfortable.

Try the below:

  • Avoid drinks that upset your stomach
  • Reduce your portion size
  • Eat smaller meals throughout the day
  • Drink water between meals
  • Chew gum

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