Sometimes our Happy Events start off with an unplanned adventure. Finding out you are pregnant and not having planned for it can come as a surprise or a shock to your system. But always remember the following.

  1. You not alone.

Everyone has a support system even if it’s one person you can confide in. This person will help you through your time of need.

  1. Enjoy the adventure

Sometimes the unplanned and unexpected adventures are the most amazing ones that could happen to you. So embrace the change and look forward to your next Happy Event

  1. Feeling scared

It’s normal to feel scared even those who have planned their pregnancies have felt scared. The fear of the unknown is a common feeling especially when it involves taking care of another human being. But don’t worry you’ve got this.

  1. Your life is not over

Your life is not over. There are still so many things you can do that you’ve been doing for years before you found out you were pregnant. You have to adjust your life a bit. Try and keep a positive mindset through your pregnancy and you will enjoy it so much more.

  1. Feeling emotional

Yes, it is a shock to your system but remember your emotions are all over the place, so there is a good chance you are feeling like this because your body is going through a lot at this stage and you probably feel much better after a good cry or a good workout.


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