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Happy Event – Pure Olive Oil

MOTHER NATURE’S GOLD – BEAUTIFUL OLIVE OIL Olive oil is liquid gold! Obtained from olives by pressing whole olives together to extract the oil, it is commonly used in cooking. But, did you know … As one of the ‘healthiest’ oils available, olive oil holds enormous health benefits as well as being excellent for one’s skin. Olive oil has been used for centuries to successfully reduce and relieve everyday ailments (such as stretch marks). Clinical trials have also found that olive oil contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-aging properties as it is packed with antioxidants and vitamins (A, D and E). These vitamins hydrate the skin by building the skin's moisture barrier to prevent loss of moisture. Further benefits include the reduction of stretch marks and the maintaining of skin tightness (which gets loosened due to expansion during pregnancy). Massaging olive oil into the skin also [...]

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Happy Event – Let’s Talk About Stretch Marks

LET’S TALK ABOUT STRETCH MARKS    A ‘fact of life’! Eventually, many of us are going to get stretch marks – in some shape or form – be it due to pregnancy, or another reason. So, let’s take a closer look! Common amongst pregnant women, particularly in those last three months, stretch marks typically appear on various places on one’s body – abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks, amongst other. Although not at all painful, or dangerous, it is often seen as a curse for many who battle with the sight of it on their body.   With so much body negativity and pressure on women the world over, Happy Event takes a slightly different approach – encouraging women everywhere to learn to love their bodies.   Our bodies are wonderful works of art, allowing us to experience the magic of life and deserve to be loved [...]

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Happy Event – Love the skin you’re in!

LOVE THE SKIN YOU IN, WITH HAPPY EVENT #MyBodyMyRulesZA #BodyLoveZA Cape Town, February 2020: Mentholatum SA, a health and wellness company and the makers of Happy Event, recently invited a selection of South African female consumers to take part in a 14-day trial.  With so much body negativity and pressure on women the world over, Happy Event decided to take a slightly different approach and invite some of its followers on a Happy Event journey to learn to love their bodies and see if Happy Event heritage products could play a role.  “We believe that our bodies are wondrous works of art, allowing us to experience the magic of life, and that they deserve to be loved and looked after in the same manner they look after us. From puberty through to pregnancy or weight fluctuation, our body has the most amazing ability to [...]

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Official Dragon Mommy

Tell our readers all about yourself I am a working Muslim mommy of 2 boys, who is a major geek with a penchant for gaming, baking, health foods and obviously….. Harry Potter. What is the main mission of your blog and what content can they expect to find there? Official Dragon Mommy was started after a conversation with some family members, and I realised that as parents, we all go through similar situations but are sometimes too afraid to reach out to others who are going through the same thing. That’s when I decided to share my most unbiased perspective of parenting as a working mom, with content ranging from how to deal with toddlers, healthy eating and coping with high functioning anxiety. What is your greatest passion? My greatest passion is being a mom, and I find that it challenges me in ways that [...]

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Angela Rea

Tell our readers all about yourself? Hi! My name is Angie. I am a widowed mama to three-year-old Elijah. I lost my soul mate, husband, best friend three years ago in a helicopter accident. I am a blogger and a photographer who loves going on adventures with her little boy! What is the main mission of your blog and what content can they expect to find there? I write about parenting advice, beauty advice and grief. I started my blog to help me deal with all the huge feelings I had. To put them down on paper to make sense of them. And a passion for writing emerged. It is now my way to relax after a busy day running about a toddler. What is your greatest passion? My husband was without a doubt my greatest [passion. He used to say that we were not [...]

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Raising Hudson

Tell our readers all about yourself? I am married to my soul mate Daniel and together we have the most beautiful blessing bestowed onto us, our son, Hudson. I grew up and live in Cape Town. I am a lecturer at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and lecture in the Faculty of Education- Wellington Campus. I specialise in Curriculum Development and English Communication Skills. Currently, I am on sabbatical leave to complete my PhD. My core focus is on Pre-Service and Beginner teachers’ experience in South Africa.  I have always been a creative; but have always put my academic career first. I needed an outlet as a first time mom, and also just a place where I could share my ideas and thoughts on Motherhood. Seven months ago, I decided to start my IG account as well as my blog. I had no idea that [...]

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The Big Gender Reveal

Gender reveal parties have become a massive trend lately, and we love it. Gone are the days where you have to wait until your baby is born to find out what gender your baby is. With technology, after a few months, you can know what gender you are having. Is technology not lovely?  Besides this helping you decide what you can name your baby, it makes shopping for your baby so much easier and puts you at ease with one less thing to worry about especially for those types of people who like to plan everything. Here are a few gender reveal ideas : The balloon The balloon is in a box and has the gender of your baby on it either the word or the colour. It’s put to you how you would like to do it. Image Source Cake The cake has the [...]

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5 Hacks for swollen feet during pregnancy

Pregnancy, such a Happy Event but unfortunately they do come with a few of their challenges. And yes some women are lucky they seem to have none. But for all the regular moms-to-be out their, we know that swollen feet are one of them. Here are a few hacks to help relieve the swelling a bit: Foot Rubs Try and get your partner or best friend to give you a foot massage. After all, you deserve some pampering while your body is going through so many changes than before. Keep your feet elevated Try and keep your feet up whenever you are sitting. If you at work get a foot rest or something that you rest your feet on that is comfortable. Having your feet up will help to relieve the pressure on your feet and will force you to rest. The same applies when [...]

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Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Telling the ones you love that you expecting is always one of those moments you will never forget. Couples have now put on their creative caps and have made the big announcement a bit more interesting than the standard “Mom and Dad you going to be grandparents “. Here are a few ideas to help you feel inspired: Bun in the Oven Image source Personalized T-shirt Image source A Flat Lay with your 1st ultrasound and baby items Image source Photoshoot Image source Doughnut Drop off Image Source We hope this got your creative juice following and you thinking of awesome ways to surprise your loved ones. If you've got any questions regarding our products, you may email us at happyevnt@ajnorth.co.za Do not forget to like our Facebook page and Follow us on Instagram.  

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WOW, I’m pregnant

Sometimes our Happy Events start off with an unplanned adventure. Finding out you are pregnant and not having planned for it can come as a surprise or a shock to your system. But always remember the following. You not alone. Everyone has a support system even if it’s one person you can confide in. This person will help you through your time of need. Enjoy the adventure Sometimes the unplanned and unexpected adventures are the most amazing ones that could happen to you. So embrace the change and look forward to your next Happy Event Feeling scared It's normal to feel scared even those who have planned their pregnancies have felt scared. The fear of the unknown is a common feeling especially when it involves taking care of another human being. But don't worry you've got this. Your life is not over Your life is [...]

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