The Big Gender Reveal

Gender reveal parties have become a massive trend lately, and we love it. Gone are the days where you have to wait until your baby is born to find out what gender your baby is. With technology, after a few months, you can know what gender you are having. Is technology not lovely?  Besides this helping you decide what you can name your baby, it makes shopping for your baby so much easier and puts you at ease with one less thing to worry about especially for those types of people who like to plan everything. Here are a few gender reveal ideas : The balloon The balloon is in a box and has the gender of your baby on it either the word or the colour. It’s put to you how you would like to do it. Image Source Cake The cake has the [...]

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5 Hacks for swollen feet during pregnancy

Pregnancy, such a Happy Event but unfortunately they do come with a few of their challenges. And yes some women are lucky they seem to have none. But for all the regular moms-to-be out their, we know that swollen feet are one of them. Here are a few hacks to help relieve the swelling a bit: Foot Rubs Try and get your partner or best friend to give you a foot massage. After all, you deserve some pampering while your body is going through so many changes than before. Keep your feet elevated Try and keep your feet up whenever you are sitting. If you at work get a foot rest or something that you rest your feet on that is comfortable. Having your feet up will help to relieve the pressure on your feet and will force you to rest. The same applies when [...]

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Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Telling the ones you love that you expecting is always one of those moments you will never forget. Couples have now put on their creative caps and have made the big announcement a bit more interesting than the standard “Mom and Dad you going to be grandparents “. Here are a few ideas to help you feel inspired: Bun in the Oven Image source Personalized T-shirt Image source A Flat Lay with your 1st ultrasound and baby items Image source Photoshoot Image source Doughnut Drop off Image Source We hope this got your creative juice following and you thinking of awesome ways to surprise your loved ones. If you've got any questions regarding our products, you may email us at Do not forget to like our Facebook page and Follow us on Instagram.  

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What To Expect In Your Third Trimester

Congratulations you have now made it to your final stretch. Just a few more weeks to go, hang in there. Third Trimester here we come. What can you expect in the final weeks of your pregnancy? Back Ache: With the added weight gain and the pressure on your back, you can expect if you have not all ready to experience backache. When trying to relieve some of the pain make sure you wear comfortable shoes that give you great support. Try sitting up straight your posture is essential when it comes to backache. If this becomes troublesome try using a pillow for support when sitting at your desk at work or wherever it may be. Heating up a bean bag could also do the trick. Should you find significant discomfort, it is always best to consult your doctor for medical advice. Your Breast: By now [...]

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What To Expect In The Second Trimester

Congratulations you made it through your 1st trimester, and now you are trying to figure out what the second trimester has in store for you and your Happy Event growing inside of you. How long is your second trimester? Your second trimester is roughly around week 13 to week 28. This is when you are in your 4, 5 and 6 month of your pregnancy. To check what week you in have a look at Happy Events due date calculator Now that you are probably feeling and looking more pregnant, during this stage of your pregnancy, you may also have more energy (Yes more energy hooray) than you did in the first trimester. This may come as significant joy if you have been struggling with sickness, tiredness or anxiety about getting through the first trimester What can you do to help prepare for birth: Although [...]

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What to expect in the 1st trimester

Congratulations!!! We guess if you reading this you probably found out your pregnant or know of some that has just announced their pregnancy. Everyone has their own special journey and can experience some or none of the below during this Happy Event. How long does the 1st trimester last? Your first trimester lasts from the first week till the end of week thirteen your of happy event If you not sure what week you are in at the moment of your pregnancy you may use Happy Event's due date calculator to calculate your due date and to help guide you as to what week you are in. Keep in mind that your date might change. Changes in your body: You may not know what is going on with your body at this moment. Feeling rather sluggish and tired and a bit uneasy in the morning. [...]

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Happy Event Natures Secret

You might go through a number of changes while you are experiencing your Happy Event, but your skin does not have too. About : Happy Event is a specially developed formulation that combines all the natural benefits of Olive Oil with other emollient to create a unique blend of ingredients. This unique formulation and fact that Happy Event is the only product based on natural olive oil and has helped many pregnant women for over 50 years! Happy Event is high in Vitamin A & E; these two vitamins have excellent antioxidant and skin moisturizing properties. Our products are pH balanced, paraben free and assists in supporting the natural acid mantle of the skin and ensuring that the skin can renew itself. The acid mantle is the key to real skin health and beauty. It is one place where oil and water have to mix. [...]

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